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Nasir Iqbal

I think the seller impression would be free because it encourages the new seller and also help to seller to see his stats so that he can work hard


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Chris Walker

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Chris Walker

Thank you for your feedback.

I want to be honest and transparent with you here... this isn't going to change.

First of all, no one should need encouragement to work hard... new or experienced seller. That should be what they do by default.

Second of all, I don't want freelancers tinkering around with their profile because they think what will make them more sales is improved search and click through rate.

I want freelancers that are going to work hard to build a brand, make top quality services that keep our customers coming back to them over and over, market their services, and be active members of the community... when they have proven to us that they fit that criteria then we will put our marketing behind them, and send them all the traffic they can handle.

But if they just want to slap up some low quality commodity service that they have placed on every other site on the internet then I am not going to send them traffic, or put any effort into them, because that's not what is best for our customers.

So while we have very basic analytics for Legiit+ freelancers, we are not going to be providing it for free, and have no plans to develop the Legiit+ version of analytics any further.

I get that may not be what you wanted to hear, and I am sorry if you find it disappointing, but I would rather tell you the truth than lead you on.

That said, if you would like some help in potentially growing your business on Legiit our support team is standing by 24/7, and there are tons of other resources available to you to help you succeed.

Best of luck.

Chris M. Walker - CEO & Founder - Legiit.com